My consulting style is practical and straightforward, though grounded in a deep understanding of customer psychology, new technologies and fundamental theory.

I have a habit of summarising every project, whatever the size, as a single illustrative diagram – in fact, I believe that if a consultant can’t do that, then they’ve failed to deliver the right answer to your question. ‘Simple’ usually means ‘right’.

Why simple? Because retailing, despite a geek’s heaven of new and emerging tools, is still a very simple thing: it is no more than working out what to sell, to whom, why and how. I believe baking that simplicity into everything is essential.

Look at every successful retailer, wherever you find them, and you’ll discover simplicity and clarity in their understanding of what sort of business they are, why people might give a damn and how to express that in the offer. Our consultancy, whatever the challenge, stays true to that idea.


We’re a lean, nimble team – able to maximise consultancy bang for your buck, and able to move faster and without the preconceptions that can hobble the giant consultancies. If a challenge needs additional expertise then we assemble a team tailored to you. It’s a super-efficient method that works.

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