About Smart Circle

Hi, I’m Richard Hammond. I’m a retailing expert, and Smart Circle is my problem-solving consultancy. Together with select subject-matter experts we tackle a wide range of retail challenges: from ‘big idea’ and format development to customer engagement and retail futurology. We’re also strong in retail activation, service model development, and in classic tools such as training and retail-operational review.

I’m also the author of Smart Retail (fourth edition coming soon) the World’s best-selling retailing ‘how-to’. Now available in 15 languages – see your favourite local bookseller.

The book has sold so well because it’s a simple but sharp observation of the handful of consistent things the world’s best retailers all do. My next book, Modern Retail Management arrives later this year.


If you have retail problems to solve, it’s worth getting me in. I’ve probably already seen, written about, delivered or conjured the solutions to your challenges. And if I haven’t – I’ll help you to be the one who invents and solves through creative stimulus, inspiring case studies and left-field
connections from all over retail and life.

Give me a call on +44(0)7971 600 936
Or email on Richard@Smart-Circle.com